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VA Governor's Race

Both democratic candidates for Governor in Virginia’s June primary election walked the halls of the Manassas JATC training facility, talking with apprentices and seeing vocational career education at its best. Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam agree that the Commonwealth faces a shortage of skilled tradesmen, and they have incorporated a message about vocational education and training into thPerrielloeir campaigns for votes.

Business Manager George Hogan and President Tom Myers stressed that Local 26 will support the candidates who understand, support and meet the challenge of funding construction projects. It’s new jobs that allow the continued training of electricians for the future.

Tom Perriello (pictured right with Tom Myers) is an attorney and former congressman from the Charlottesville area. Most recently, he completed an assignment as U.S. Special Envoy to several countries in Africa. In January he announced that he was running an upstart campaign for the democratic nomination for Governor. That turned an otherwise sure-thing for Lt. Governor Ralph Northam into one of the most closely watched races in the country.

NorthamNortham (pictured left with Tom Myers), who has held the Lieutenant Governor’s office since 2013, declared his intention to run for the top office two years ago. He is a pediatric neurosurgeon and Army veteran who has raised over one million dollars for his campaign.

After discussions with both men at the Virginia State Building and Construction Trades Legislative Conference in Richmond, Business Manager George Hogan and President Tom Myers invited them to tour the JATC training facility and see what distinguished a registered apprenticeship from the certificate programs offered at community colleges.

“One of the biggest differences,” explained Hogan, “is that our combination of classroom and on-the-job training is free. Graduates are debt-free, and already working as journeyman electricians with a job that pays good wages and benefits for their family.” 

“We pay apprentices to train in our program, and that’s important,” emphasized Myers. “Because unlike community colleges, it doesn’t cost the commonwealth or the student a dime.”

Throughout the tours, both men answered and asked questions from apprentices. Perriello wanted to know how students had learned about the program and what they thought about the training. Some had been encouraged to apply by family members with one student remarking that he was a third generation electrician. Another commented on how essential on-the-job training was to become proficient and perform quality work.

Northam asked if any students were veterans and if they thought the program at the JATC was preparing them for the real world industry. Again, apprentices expressed the value of on-the-job training. It was agreed that being paid while in the apprenticeship was a tremendous advantage over community college or a technical school.

An invitation to tour has also been extended to republican candidates for governor, if they are interested in learning more about union apprenticeships.

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Labor-Endorsed Candidates 2015

Virginia State AFL-CIO and the Northern Virginia Labor Federation, AFL-CIO have endorsed the following candidates for office in the General Election Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015
Virginia General Assembly


District 13 – Jill McCabe 
District 29 – Jeremy McPike
District 30 – Adam Ebbin
District 31 – Barbara Favola  
District 32 – Janet Howell 
District 33 – Jennifer Wexton 
District 34 – “Chap” Petersen  
District 36 – Scott Surovell
District 37 – Dave Marsden

House of Delegates:      

District   2 – Josh King    
District 10 – Peter Rush             
District 13 – Don Shaw                 
District 28 – Kandy Hilliard
District 31 – Sara Townsend              
District 32 – Elizabeth Amy Miller
District 33 – Daniel Hedges
District 34 – Kathleen Murphy
District 35 – Mark Keam
District 36 – Kenneth Plum
District 37 – David Bulova
District 38  - Kaye Kory
District 39 – Vivian Watts                    
District 40 – Jerrold Foltz
District 41 – Eileen Filler-Corn
District 42 – Joana Garcia
District 43 -  Mark Sickles
District 44 – Paul Krizek
District 45 – Mark Levine
District 46 – Charniele Herring
District 47 – Patrick Hope
District 48 – Rip Sullivan
District 49 – Alfonso Lopez
District 50 – Kyle McCullough
District 52 – Luke Torian
District 53 – Marcus Simon
District 86 – Jennifer Boysko
District 87 – John Bell
District 52 – Luke Torian
District 53 – Marcus Simon
District 86 – Jennifer Boysko
District 87 – John Bell

Fairfax County

Sheriff                                                             Stacey Kincaid (Union member)
Board of Supervisors Braddock District          Janet Olesak
Board of Supervisors Dranesville District        John Foust
Board of Supervisors Mount Vernon District    Daniel Storck
Clerk of the Court                                            Bettina Lawton

Prince William County

Board of Supervisors Chairman          Richard H. Smith
Board of Supervisors Neabsco           John Jenkins
Board of Supervisors Occoquan         Ernie Porta Jr.
Board of Supervisors Potomac            Andrea O. Bailey
Board of Supervisors Woodbridge      Frank Principi
School Board                                      Justin Wilk (Union member)

Loudoun County

Board of Supervisors Chairman          Phyllis Randall
Board of Supervisors Algonkian          Andrew D. Resnick
Board of Supervisors Ashburn            Michael R. Turner
Board of Supervisors Broad Run         Al Nevarez (Union member)
 Board of Supervisors Catoctin            Craig M. Green
Board of Supervisors Dulles                 Anjan Chimaladinne
Board of Supervisors Sterling              Koran Saines       

Alexandria City

Mayor                         Allison Silberberg
City Council                Willie Bailey (Union Member)
City Council                Del Pepper
City Council                John Taylor Chapman
City Council                Paul Smedberg
City Council                Justin Wilson

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Candice Quinn Kelly for Charles County Commisioner President

"Candice Quinn Kelly has a solid record of achievement and success as a business owner, entrepreneur, elected official and community leader and volunteer." Read more...

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General Election

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Vincent Gray for Mayor of DC

July 27, 2010

Labor supporters of Vincent Gray rallied on the rooftop of the IBEW International Headquarters in Washington, DC.


Read more: Vincent Gray for Mayor of DC
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Moving Maryland Forward

April 27, 2010

Governor O’Malley Enjoyed Strong Support at PG Community College Rally


Read more: Moving Maryland Forward
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President Obama Visits Local 26

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Risky for ratepayers

Constellation's proposed deal enriches company but secures no benefits for customers

By Martin O'Malley
September 16, 2009

This week the Maryland Public Service Commission began a public hearing into Constellation Energy's proposed $4.5 billion sale of half its nuclear assets to a huge French company, EDF. As currently proposed, the deal appears to be a good one for Constellation's CEO and his shareholders but presents enormous risks and no real benefits for more than 1.1 million ratepayers who depend on BGE to provide a vital service at reasonable rates. Read more...

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MD needs taxes from Constellation deal

By Ed Stoltz, V.P. Constellation Energy
September 15, 2009

The economic urgency of completing Constellation Energy's nuclear joint venture with EDF Group was underscored by Gov. Martin O'Malley's comment last week that the state budget may need to be cut by another $100 million to $200 million.

This joint venture represents Maryland's best chance to bring enormous private investment to the state through the potential development of a new nuclear plant. In addition to addressing Maryland's critical, long-term energy needs and securing thousands of future jobs, the EDF transaction could help replace state tax revenue lost as consumers and businesses curtail spending in the face of a crippling recession. Read more...


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