IBEW Local Union 26
Washington, D.C.

                 WASHINGTON, DC      VOTE NOVEMBER 6TH                  

As voters and union members, we head to the polls this November to elect leaders who will positively strengthen the District, as well as represent and fight for working families. This election will set the tone for generations to come, and your vote will make the difference. These candidates are the best choice for the future of working families this November.


District of Columbia At-Large: Eleanor Holmes Norton the 14th-term Congresswoman, is the ranking subcommittee chair on the Highway and Transit Committee. In this role she has worked tirelessly to fend off attacks seeking to undermine Davis Bacon prevailing wage provisions on projects before the Committee.     

Mayor: Muriel Bowser
Attorney General Candidate: Karl Racine used his office on August 6, 2018 to file a precedent-setting Complaint in DC Superior Court charging national electrical contractor Power Design as the architect of a massive scheme of worker “misclassification” and wage theft. The Complaints details how Power Design uses worker misclassification to underbid legitimate contractors who obey the law by 30-40%, making it difficult for our law-abiding signatory contractors to compete. Karl Racine acted decisively and swiftly to use the legal tools available to him in D.C.

City Council - At-Large Candidate: Elissa Silverman is a champion for labor and IBEW Local 26.  Councilwoman Silverman methodically spearheaded a series of legislative efforts to lay the ground to enable local authorities to confront and expose the misclassifying of construction workers as independent contractors. Misclassifying of workers orchestrated by out of state electrical contractors disrupts labor markets for our craft by rigging bids to reduce labor costs by paying electricians off the books thus avoiding overtime, sick pay, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, prevailing wages, FICA or other taxes.

City Council - Chairman Candidate: Phil Mendelson
City Council – At-Large Candidate: Anita Bonds
City Council - Ward 1 Candidate: Brianne Nadeau
City Council - Ward 5 Candidate: Kenyan McDuffie
City Council - Ward 6 Candidate: Charles Allen

To view these candidate’s questionnaires, please visit www.dclabor.org/2018.html

To register to vote or to request absentee ballot for DC residents please download the App Vote 4 DC or visit www.Vote4DC.com  

Only candidates who returned a fully completed Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO 2018 Candidate’s Questionnaire were considered for endorsement. Each of the candidates endorsed opposed “Right-to-Work” legislation. Each of the candidates endorsed supported lowering the Maryland Prevailing Wage threshold by half from $500,000 a project to $250,000. Each also supported expanding Maryland’s Prevailing Wage Law to cover local projects that receive Tax Incremental Financing (TIF). Each endorsed candidate affirmed their support of Project Labor Agreements (PLA) also known as Community Workforce Agreements that are essentially pre-hire collective bargaining agreements that establish the terms and conditions of employment for a specific construction project