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Job Referrals - Journeymen Wireman

You must meet the Rules of Referral in order to be eligible for the following job.

The information listed herein relating to type of work, duration, and overtime status is provided only as a courtesy to help the applicant in choosing a job. There is no guarantee that the same job conditions will exist when you report to work. You always have the right to refuse to accept any job, but once you accept a referral you will not be placed back in your original position on the Available For Work List in accordance with the referral procedures. Jobs will be posted around 4:00 pm daily for the following work day.

Journeyman Job Line 202-829-6061 or 800-792-1091

Salting Opportunities

The organizing department is seeking 100 salts to apply for electrical positions. Applicants must have a resume that can be uploaded and or a LinkedIn profile. These items are necessary for an online application process. Contact Joe Dabbs at 703-675-1396 or John Collins at 202-439-4239.

Journeyman Wireman

August 1, 2014


6 Job Calls

Various Jobs                               
Power Solutions                     
Northern, VA
Start Time & Date:  6:00am 8/04/2014       
    Approx Duration: unknown
Type of Work: Data Center
**Report to Shop**
**Pre-hire drug testing**
** Must be Proficient in Bending & Installing Conduit (1/2” to 4”) **
**Must be available to work all available hours**
**Must have VA Journeyman License**


No Job Calls


No Job Calls