General Membership Meetings
Held on the second Friday of the month at 7 p.m. Come to the Hall in Lanham, MD; the satellite office in southern MD; one of the Virginia satellite offices (Manassas or Roanoke); or the Winchester satellite office being held at the Holiday Inn Winchester SE Historic Gateway (333 Front Royal Pike, Winchester, VA 22602), to view it via Business Skype.

EWTF Resources listed below.

Please consider donating to this gofundme to help ease this time for the Safadi family. Thank you! 

Please consider donating to this gofundme to alleviate some of the concerns and burden he will inevitably face while recovering. Thank you!

The tragedy that occurred at the Manassas Joint Apprenticeship Training Facility is a horrifying event for the IBEW Local 26 community. Not only are the families and friends of the apprentices injured and deceased affected, those apprentices and staff members present, along with brothers and sisters who work(ed) with them on jobsites are as well. 

EWTF provides access to BHS (Behavioral/Mental Health providers) for needed help. The BHS Contact Center is prepared to take any calls from your employees and/or household members who are struggling with how to manage their own feelings, reactions and relationships. Counselors are available 24 hours a day to provide in-the-moment support and assistance. 

  1. Call or Text 800-327-2251 to access services 24-hours a day, 7-days a week
  2. Visit, enter IBEW in the Organization ID field to access information and resources to help you recover from the trauma of a tragic event.  

Additionally, follow this link for tip sheets offer tips on coping with tragedy and managing traumatic stress.

JATC Inclement Weather Hotline


Deadline April 15th (for the children of IBEW 26 Credit Union members only)

The Magazine of Local 26, IN Charge

IN Charge 4th Quarter 2023-1st Quarter 2024

Past Issues of IN Charge Magazine
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Strong Women. Stronger Futures

IBEW Government

American workers are the heart of the Biden/Harris administration, and the IBEW Government Affairs Newsletter reflects the multitude of ways its policies are helping the middle class prosper and grow. Every day, President Biden recognizes the priority of American workers, collective bargaining, and the labor movement. Whether he is expressing his support for a historic organizing campaign or appointing union members as key personnel in his administration, never has a president been so public in their support of the values that the IBEW holds dear. You can view the new Newsletter HERE or visit the new website HERE.

Construction camp teaches young girls new skills in Silver Spring
Business Agents Cordelia Evans, Chris Brooks, and President Tom Myers taught students from Thomas Edison High School who are taking part in a camp teaching young girls about construction. It's a hands-on camp and a great option for those who may not want to go to college. Check out the news report HERE.

We Power Co-Ops
The IBEW 4th District (MD, VA, DC, KY, OH, WV) has started the "We Power Co-Ops" campaign. The power of organized labor has always been, and continues to be, our membership and this is an opportunity to engage our membership in those initial conversations. When members simply talk about how being in a Union has benefited them and their family it is powerful testimony on the strength of labor and the value of a union contract. Please like and share their social media page and posts to spread the word on unions. You may also visit their website for more information.

Important Information from President Tom Myers - Horizon Actuarial Services

Brothers and Sisters,

As many of you are aware, a company called Horizon Actuarial Services has sent notice to all participants of the IBEW Local 26 Pension Fund. Horizon is a company that provides financial projections for the fund office and fund trustees.  The letter states that there was a possible breach of their (Horizon’s) data system due to an unauthorized access to the servers located on their premises. The letter sent by Horizon contains all of the details regarding when and what happened and exactly what Horizon is doing currently. To be clear, the pension funds servers were not breached, only Horizons were, and the letter clearly states that any benefits that are due or may be due will not be impacted.

Horizon has had a complete security audit investigating this breach and have determined that there is a possibility that Personal Identifiable Information may have been exposed. They cannot determine if any single individual’s information was accessed, only that it may have been. After notifying the fund office and the board of trustees, Horizon has been notifying ANY participant that could have been exposed. Additionally, Horizon is providing credit monitoring services to each person at no cost. The letter explains how to utilize that protection. More information was provided on how to check for and react to any suspicious activity on your credit report.

One of the most common questions that I have received is “Why did it say not to contact the trust fund office?”. The trust fund office was NOT breached and has no information on the specifics of each individual. The next most common question I have received is “Is this real or is this something I don’t need to worry about?”. It is real and we should all take it seriously, at least enough to check our credit and enable the credit monitoring provided. Local 26 will say that in this digital age, with hackers and other bad actors searching for weaknesses on the internet, it is probably prudent to check your credit at least once a year and to question any suspicious activity that appears on any credit statement you may receive.

Action list:

In order to make sure you are protected from any possible exposure we recommend the following:

  • Take advantage of the credit monitoring service that Horizon is providing.
  • Keep a close watch on any credit applications that are sent to your home address that you did not request.
  • Review your credit card and bank statements for any suspicious activity and if found, report to the institution immediately (this is just good practice anyway).
  • Request your credit reports from the three main agencies and review them (This should be done at least annually).

As we are all aware there are information breaches all the time. Major credit companies are constantly under attack and sometimes the bad actors make it through security protocols. Most of the time, nothing comes from it and with a little proactive effort, we can all feel more confident about our credit security.
Thank you

Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill
Please help the IBEW gain more work by contacting your House Representative. Here is a script you can use while contacting your Congress Rep.

Local 26 WebstoreView Webstore

President Biden Job Plan for IBEW Members

Check out President Biden’s mention of IBEW and passage of the Pro-ACT in his address to Congress. We need to repeal “Right to Work” in Virginia. Jennifer Carroll Foy for Governor is how we do it! Come out and canvass with us for Jennifer Carroll Foy for Governor. We will meet at the Local 26 Manassas office at 10 am the next two Saturdays, May 1st and May 8th. 7016 Infantry Ridge Road, Manassas, VA 20109. You can register to join HERE.

Community Service

Check out the Local's philanthropic efforts here.

NEBF: Members Get More Through the Online Benefits Portal

You might not know that you can access your NEBF account on their Online Benefits portal by visiting and clicking Online Benefits in the top menu bar. Members can use the portal to complete certain self-help items related to your NEBF account without having to wait. Click HERE for further information.


Did you know the IBEW 26 FCU has an OUTDOOR ATM at two location? That's right, one at the Hall in Lanham, MD and one at the Manassas, VA satellite office. Access your money any time of day!

IBEW Local 26 Information Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

Please visit COVID-19

Members Login Section of Website or App

In the new Members’ Only section on you can:

  • Pay your dues online
  • Change your contact information
  • View your agreement book, by-laws, referral rules, and/or total wage package for your classification

Just click on the “Member Login” link from the homepage and log in using your last name as your username and your dues card number as your password. Update your Contact Info, click Update and check your email for a confirmation link. You will then be asked to create your own username and password to continue. Please continue to click on each tab to double check the accuracy of your information. You must have all the information filled out correctly under the “Contact Info” tab in order to continue. Be sure to add your cellular carrier at the bottom of the “Contact Info” page. Then go to your email for a confirmation link. The link will then prompt you to rename your username and password.

The new Local 26 app, called “Unions Get It,” can be downloaded free from the Apple App store or Android store. After downloading the app you will be asked to enter your local union number (26) and your card number, as well as change your username and password if you didn’t already do so on the website. Visit the “Manage My Membership” section on the app to ensure that your information is correct. Your information on the app should appear exactly as it does in the Members’ Only section of our Local 26 website. *(Our Members’ Only section and Local 26 app are interconnected so the information you enter on one will also appear on the other.) The app will also allow you to report non-union work and a jobsite safety violation via the “Work Site” link. 

Inclement Weather Hotline - 301-429-6939

Call to Action: President Myers asks all members to call their Senators TODAY, 844-551-6921.

There’s a Terrible New Plan to Tax Your Retirement – Help Us Fight It Today

December 6, 2019


  View Flyer

Senate Republicans are readying a radical plan to raise taxes on retiree pension benefits and put catastrophic burdens on union retirement plans, according to documents released last month.

Under cover of a “rescue” for a few endangered multiemployer pensions – primarily troubled Mineworkers and Teamsters plans – Senate Republicans are preparing to raise taxes on all retiree pension benefits by nearly 10% and raise expenses on healthy plans by 500%. The sweeping changes would almost guarantee reduction of benefits for millions of union retirees, IBEW members included.

International President Lonnie R. Stephenson called on every IBEW member to immediately contact their senators, whatever their party, and demand they kill the plan before it’s even filed as legislation.

"Don’t even negotiate,” Stephenson said. “You already pay income taxes on your retirement benefits; now they want you to pay even more. This is a disaster for working Americans.”

The changes would also reclassify the IBEW’s green-rated National Electric Benefit Fund plan into red, endangered status and spell bankruptcy for many, if not all, local union-run pensions. Worse, by raising costs on healthy plans, the “rescue” would leave the pension system worse off than before legislators interfered.

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Statement regarding IBEW Local Union 6 member John Ramondetta:

IBEW Local Union 26 absolutely DOES NOT CONDONE racism in any shape or form. We condemn racism and discrimination in any form, and its adherents. Our Local believes in, and acts in accordance, with the Constitution of the IBEW. IBEW Local 26 equally represents all members of the IBEW without regard to race, religion, creed, ethnicity, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or age.

John Ramondetta is a traveler from IBEW Local 6 who signed our Book 2, presented a letter of good standing from the Business Manager of Local 6, and a current dues receipt. He was referred to work in accordance with the Local’s lawful non-discriminatory referral procedures.

As mentioned in Local 6’s letter, the authority of IBEW to discipline or otherwise hold a member accountable, does not extend to the expression of personal views or opinions of that member outside the workplace. Any action taken by Local 26 to restrict the use of our referral, because of Mr. Ramondetta’s speech, would be a violation of the Local’s referral rules, and labor law. Please go here to see the communication from the Business Manager of IBEW Local 6 to Local 26.


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