For licensing information, please visit the following websites according to state:

Washington, DC:

Visit -- - then scroll to Renew a Professional License‏‏‎‎

Please select the option - Do not have an account -- Sign Up -- To create an Access DC Account -- Not the same account that you had in the past‎‎


VA License renewal classes are offered in both Lanham and Manassas. The JATC offers this class bi-monthly, 6 times a year. Manassas classes are held in January, May and September. Lanham classes are held in March (as part of the code seminar), July and November. Class cost is $30. You can only sign up for this class through your TradeSchool account. If you do not have a TradeSchool account jump to the Night Class page to view instructions. Classes are posted under the "Class Schedule" tab in TradeSchool. Search for classes by entering "VA" in the search window. You will see class details when you view the class.


Calvert County

Charles County

Montgomery County

Prince George’s County

St. Mary’s County

District of Columbia:

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Customer Service 1-866-270-9817


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