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Important Information from President Tom Myers - Horizon Actuarial Services

Brothers and Sisters,

As many of you are aware, a company called Horizon Actuarial Services has sent notice to all participants of the IBEW Local 26 Pension Fund. Horizon is a company that provides financial projections for the fund office and fund trustees.  The letter states that there was a possible breach of their (Horizon’s) data system due to an unauthorized access to the servers located on their premises. The letter sent by Horizon contains all of the details regarding when and what happened and exactly what Horizon is doing currently. To be clear, the pension funds servers were not breached, only Horizons were, and the letter clearly states that any benefits that are due or may be due will not be impacted.

Horizon has had a complete security audit investigating this breach and have determined that there is a possibility that Personal Identifiable Information may have been exposed. They cannot determine if any single individual’s information was accessed, only that it may have been. After notifying the fund office and the board of trustees, Horizon has been notifying ANY participant that could have been exposed. Additionally, Horizon is providing credit monitoring services to each person at no cost. The letter explains how to utilize that protection. More information was provided on how to check for and react to any suspicious activity on your credit report.

One of the most common questions that I have received is “Why did it say not to contact the trust fund office?”. The trust fund office was NOT breached and has no information on the specifics of each individual. The next most common question I have received is “Is this real or is this something I don’t need to worry about?”. It is real and we should all take it seriously, at least enough to check our credit and enable the credit monitoring provided. Local 26 will say that in this digital age, with hackers and other bad actors searching for weaknesses on the internet, it is probably prudent to check your credit at least once a year and to question any suspicious activity that appears on any credit statement you may receive.

Action list:

In order to make sure you are protected from any possible exposure we recommend the following:

  • Take advantage of the credit monitoring service that Horizon is providing.
  • Keep a close watch on any credit applications that are sent to your home address that you did not request.
  • Review your credit card and bank statements for any suspicious activity and if found, report to the institution immediately (this is just good practice anyway).
  • Request your credit reports from the three main agencies and review them (This should be done at least annually).

As we are all aware there are information breaches all the time. Major credit companies are constantly under attack and sometimes the bad actors make it through security protocols. Most of the time, nothing comes from it and with a little proactive effort, we can all feel more confident about our credit security.
Thank you

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