Greater Job Stability

A Better Future, Now! An Exciting Career In The Electrical Industry!! Great hourly wages and benefits!!!

Qualified competent Journeymen stand ready to teach deserving apprentices. We do no limit our training to teaching individuals to simply perform manual labor (job tasks). We train men and women to craftsmanship status. The IBEW-NECA apprenticeship programs pride themselves in their product, an individual with unmatched job Skill, Knowledge, and Ability. We train individuals to have PRIDE, DIGNITY and SELF-RESPECT.

IBEW Electrical members are not just common workers. They are America's electricians and are at the heart of the American dream.

Over 85 percent of our apprentices complete the program and have meaningful careers as highly paid Journeymen electrical workers. This success rate is virtually unmatched in the electrical industry and testifies to our personal commitment to you.

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