IBEW Local Union 26
Washington, D.C.


You must meet the Rules of Referral in order to be eligible for the following jobs.

The information listed herein relating to type of work, duration, and overtime status is provided only as a courtesy to help the applicant in choosing a job. There is no guarantee that the same job conditions will exist when you report to work. You always have the right to refuse to accept any job, but once you accept a referral you will not be placed back in your original position on the Available-for-Work List in accordance with the referral procedures. Jobs will be posted around 4:00 pm daily for the following work day. For the latest information, please call the jobline.

Jobline 866-342-0024

Teledata Tech, Comm. Installer, & Cable Pullers

January 22, 2019

Metro Zone 

Class: Comm. Installer

1                                          TBD                                             CABLING SYSTEMS                           TBD  

Foreman:  John Narron                                                                     34322                  

Work Date & Time:   01/22/19, 6:00 am                                                                            

Approx:      unknown

Type of work:    low voltage  

** Applicant must report to shop 8:00am – Beltsville, MD

Class: Cable Puller

1                                                       TBD                                            CABLING SYSTEMS                                 TBD     

Foreman: John Narron                                                                                   34321                                                        

Work Date & Time:   01/22/19, 6:00 am                                                                          

Approx:       unknown

Type of work:    low voltage

** Must report to Shop 8:00am – Beltsville, MD

Shenandoah Zone

No Job Calls

Roanoke Zone

No Job Calls