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If you would like the opportunity to work for the top electrical contractors in the Washington metropolitan area, including Maryland, Virginia, and the District, and want to become a member of a first-rate organization with excellent wages, benefits, and training:

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Local 26 has been a leader in electrical construction in the Metro DC area for over 130 years. In that time, we have established the standards for quality installations, safety for workers on the job site, premier health and retirement benefits and wages for electricians.

Local 26 provides a workforce to over 150 electrical contractors in the DMV. Our contractors expect the most qualified and most reliable electricians, apprentices, and helpers.


Covers member, spouse, and all children up to 26 years of age. Medical benefits including hospitalization benefits, case management, maternity management, and hearing aids; hypertension and cholesterol management; vison; dental; mental health, substance use disorder and IAP benefits; diabetes reversal/management; Telemedicine; and prescription benefits are included as part of your benefit plan.

IBEW Local Union 26 and Washington, DC Chapter NECA negotiate a three-year contract on our members’ behalf. Negotiated in that contract are 6-month increases for each hour worked.

Earning a great salary and excellent benefits is one thing but knowing how to budget that great salary and understanding the benefits you receive is quite another. The great reward that comes with our electrical training and the strength of a union behind us is our wage and benefit package. The risk that comes with this for our younger members is earning a great wage and benefit package at such an early stage in life when they may not be equipped to responsibly handle the wages and benefits before them. This is why it is not only important for our members to be well educated in the electrical trade but also well educated in life skills of budgeting and planning for, hopefully, decades of life ahead.

The seminar helps members understand how to budget their income so they may be prepared for life changes that may lie ahead as well as potential periods of lay off. Attendees learn how overtime works and how the hours they work can affect their benefits and eligibility. A detailed discussion about our benefit plans is also included in the program so that members can learn how the financial decisions they make today may affect their retirement plans and lifestyle down the road. The health plan is fully discussed so our younger members could learn about all of the partners we have working with us to ensure the good health of our members and their dependents.

Time will be accrued for all employees covered by the Agreement as follows, providing for paid time off which may be used in a manner consistent with statutory/regulatory paid time off requirements pertinent to the employee’s work location

Contributions are made by the employer/contractor for retirement accounts that include the Local 26 Pension, National Electrical Benefit Fund (a defined pension benefit plan), and an Annuity Plan. You may also be eligible for the IBEW Pension as well.

Pension - The individual Employer shall contribute and forward monthly to the Electrical Workers No. 26 Pension Fund a negotiated amount with increases every six months.

Annuity - The individual Employer shall contribute and forward monthly to the Electrical Workers Local No. 26 Individual Account Fund a negotiated amount with increases every six months.

Every year the Local hosts two pension seminars—one in April and one in October—to prepare those nearing retirement as they plan for their retirement years. The seminar is open to those members at least 55 years old and their spouses but is geared toward those who are closing in on retirement. The seminar features discussions led by Financial Secretary Chris Cash, representatives from the EWTF benefits office, Fidelity Investments, and the Social Security Administration. This comprehensive seminar helps members better understand what they can expect from their benefits as they transition from working full-time to full-time retirement, from a weekly paycheck to a monthly benefits check. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of how their benefit hours translate into a pension check, how their Individual Account plan will yield additional retirement income and how to collect their Social Security benefit. 

An important component to the seminar is a brief explanation of how the benefits funds work and the rules governing the distribution of retirement funds. Learning as much as you can about our retirement benefits will make the transition much less stressful. After decades of taking comfort in a regular paycheck, it can be unnerving to move toward a monthly fixed income. The goal of the pension seminar is to make our members feel more comfortable with this major life and career change.  

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