Go Union

Belonging to a union means you have an entire team of experts supporting you, fighting for you, and elevating you in the workplace. Unions do far more than just man projects. They ensure workers are properly trained for the job before them, are afforded a safe work environment, are respected for their workplace rights, and are paid a fair day’s wage and benefits for the quality work performed. Your union leaders are prepared to literally go to battle for you at a moment’s notice with a contractor or all the way up to the National Labor Relations Board. In addition to all of this, union membership promotes solidarity and camaraderie among a group of like-minded trades people and their families.

Most non-union contractors have been in business, left unchecked, for years, cheating their employees of fair wages and benefits, cheating the public with less than qualified workers performing crucial construction work and many times, cheating the government of employment taxes when undocumented workers are hired. Becoming a Union member means you gain better working conditions, better pay, benefits and a voice in their workplace.

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