IBEW Local Union 26
Washington, D.C.

Inside Wireman

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Journeyman Jobline 202-829-6061 or 800-792-1091

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July 26, 2021

Metro Zone

1                      DC WATER C&E Services                               Washington DC

Foreman: Richard Ulrich     38284

Start Time & Date 6:00am 7/26/2021

Approx. Duration 1 month

Type of work Instrumentation and controls

**Report to shop**

**Must have ISA CCST level 1 **

Shenandoah Zone

=No Job Calls

Roanoke Zone 

5        Brook Trout                                  I.B. Abel                                        Salem, VA

          Foreman: Buck Jaggie                      38224                             5495 Corporate Cir.

          Start Time & Date: 08/09/2021

          Approx. Duration: 1 year

          Type of Work: Pipe

          **Pre-hire drug testing**


1        Georgia Pacific                            Miller Electric                         Big Island, VA

          Foreman: Joe Wickersty                      38125                     9363 Lee Jackson Hwy

          Start Time & Date: 8:00 am 07/26/2021

          Approx. Duration: unknown

          Type of Work: Industrial

          **Pre-hire drug testing**