Meet Local 26

Executive Board:

Tom Myers (President)

Rich Wilkinson (Vice President)

Chris Cash (Financial Secretary)

Chris Brooks

Tom Clark

John Collins

Gary Hall

Epaminondas Mouhanis

Lorne Seay

Examining Board:

Robert C. Fritz

Kyle McMillan

Mark Pontello (Chair)

Trustees and Committees

Pension Trustees:

Rich Murphy

Tom Myers

Mark Pontello

Tres Bassett, Potomac Testing, Inc.

Allison Broadbent, Contemporary Electrical Services

Tim Miller, Freestate Electrical Companies

IA Trustees:

Chris Cash

Rich Murphy

Tom Myers

Ken Bassett, Potomac Testing, Inc.

Greg LaRosa, Dynalectric Company

Joseph Richards, J.E. Richards Electric, Inc.

Health & Welfare Trustees:

Joe Dabbs

Rich Murphy

Tom Myers

Paul Mella, Dynalectric Company

Brian Moorefield, Mona Electric Group, Inc.

Dave Singleton, Singleton Electric Co., Inc.

Collection Committee:

Joe Dabbs

JT Thomas

LMCC Trustees:

Tom Clark

Joe Dabbs

Will Ng

Jeff Gaddy, EMCOR Services, Combustioneer

Scott Pinto, Perlectric, Inc.

Rick Steele, Tricore Systems, LLC

JATC/JATTF Trustees:

Chris Brooks

Chris Cash

Joe Dabbs

Paul Henriques

Tom Myers, Advisor

Ken Bassett, Potomac Testing, Inc

Joe Daley, J.E. Richards Electric, Inc.

Gregg Kaderabek, Freestate Electric

Steve Kelly, John E. Kelly & Sons Elec. Constr. Co., Inc.

JT Thomas, NECA Advisor

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