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Disclaimer: You must meet the Rules of Referral in order to be eligible for the following job.

The information listed herein relating to type of work, duration, and overtime status is provided only as a courtesy to help the applicant in choosing a job. There is no guarantee that the same job conditions will exist when you report to work. You always have the right to refuse to accept any job, but once you accept a referral you will not be placed back in your original position on the Available-for-Work List in accordance with the referral procedures. Jobs will be posted around 4:00 pm daily for the following work day and are subject to change.

Day Book Signing is between 7:30 am to 8:30 am Monday through Friday ONLY. If you sign outside of the 7:30 - 8:30 am time frame, it will be DELETED!

In accordance with our current Referral Procedures, the following registration numbers are to sign-in via online for Monday, February 19, 2024. Failure to sign in or refusing a job assignment could result in a “turn-down” for those registration numbers. The last registration number(s) referred this morning was:
Book #1: 109461-111168
Book #2: 106094-107795

February 26, 2024

Metro Zone  

1        Veterans Affairs Building      Excel Mechanical                     Washington, DC 

Report to: Cody Gardiner              43045                            810 Vermont Ave NW

Start Time & Date: 06:00pm 02/26/2024

          Approx. Duration: 3-4 months

          Type of Work: Tenant Fit-out

**Night Shift**

**Working 4-10s**


5        Convention Center                       Hi Tech                                Washington, DC 

Report to: Carrington Epps              43039               801 Allen Y. Lew Place, NW

Start Time & Date: 08:00am 02/26/2024

          Approx. Duration: short call

          Type of Work: Electrical

**Applicant from the drug tested list**

**MUST be fully Covid 19 vaccinated-Bring card**

**MUST BRING VALID IDs, SSN, and birth certificate**

**Must bring hand tools and knee pads**

**No parking onsite**

**Report to jobsite after referrals-Ready to work**


8        Data Center                             Power Solutions                             Northern VA

Report to: Brian Arsenault                43042                      

Start Time & Date: 02/27/2024

          Approx. Duration: unknown

          Type of Work: Data Center 

**Pre-hire drug testing**

**Must bring current IDs, Birth Certificate and/or Passport**

**Must be able to pass background check**

**No OT**

Shenandoah Zone  

No Job Calls

Roanoke Zone

No Job Calls

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