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The 2020 Scholarship applications will be available in January 2020.

In Memoriam

Retired Brother James D. Noonan 11/04/2019
Retired Brother Robert E. Owens 10/29/2019
Retired Brother Mark J. Lay 10/24/2019

Retired Brother Shawn F. Stancovich 10/17/2019
Retired Brother Lawrence Hyson 10/14/2019
Business Agent/Brother James M. Marx 9/28/2019
Retiered Brother Clinton J. Wilson 09/27/2019
Retired Brother Steve J. Kemp 09/20/2019
Brother Daniel E. Pittman 09/01/2019
Brother Kyle E. Mishou 08/31/2019
Retired Brother Banjerd B. Wongcharoenth 08/25/2019
Brother Darin M. Logsdon 08/15/2019
Brother Shannon P. Lacy 07/24/2019
Retired Brother Willie F. Smith 07/24/2019
Retired Brother Keith A. Holt 07/21/2019
Former Business Manager/Retired Brother Lawrence C. Hogan, Sr. 07/17/2019
Brother Lawrence R. Williams, Jr. 07/12/2019
Retired Brother David L. Bower 07/05/2019
Brother Luis M. Delgado 06/22/2019
Brother James E. Gordon 06/17/2019
Brother Marvin E. Hamrick 06/22/2019
Brother Steven M. Boyer 06/19/2019
Retired Brother Robert E. Donaldson 06/18/2019
Retired Brother Alvin L. Moran 06/04/2019
Retired Brother James M. Walko 05/21/2019
Retired Brother George Wozniak 05/12/2019
Retired Brother Gary L. Annan 05/11/2019
Brother Larry E. Humphries 05/09/2019
Retired Brother James T. Blanche 04/27/2019
Retired Brother Frank J. Thompson 04/07/2019
Retired Brother Larry H. Cross 04/07/2019
Retired Brother James V. Pitcher 04/03/2019
Retired Brother Joseph T. Mulcare, Jr. 03/24/2019
Brother William R. Whitt 3/15/2019
Brother Joseph P. Morgan 03/13/2019
Retired Brother William D. Sullivan, Sr. 02/26/2019
Retired Brother Robert L. Siemon 02/23/2019
Brother John P. Mudd 02/20/2019
Retired Brother Jimmie R. Bolton 02/2019
Retired Brother Gregory D. Clum 02/17/2019
Brother Rostelle J. Bethea 01/30/2019
Brother Yaw Awuah 01/29/2019
Retired Brother Everett R. Alcorn, Jr. 01/04/2019
Brother Gerard I. Umerley, Jr. 01/20/2019
Retired Brother Thomas M. Mitchell 01/19/2019
Retired Brother James F. Laddbush 01/18/2019
Brother Keith A. Powers 01/17/2019
Retired Brother Everett R. Alcorn, Jr. 01/04/2019

Winners of the 2019 IBEW Local 26 Election

Business Manager and Delegate to the 2021 International Convention: George Hogan

President: Tom Myers

Vice President: Rich Wilkinson

Recording Secretary: Rich Murphy

Financial Secretary: Joe Dabbs

Treasurer: Keith Sutphin

Executive Board:

Chris Cash

Tom Clark

Jim Marx

Gary Hall

Lorne Seay

John Collins

Examining Board:

Rhett Roe

Paulo Henriques

Robert Fritz

Delegates to the 2021 International Convention:

Rhett Roe

Joe Dabbs

Tom Myers

Rich Murphy

Chris Cash

Larry Greenhill, Sr.

Tom Clark

Gary Hall

Paulo Henriques

Violet Carter

Jim Marx

Thank you to all the candidates who ran and to all the members who voted.

Statement regarding IBEW Local Union 6 member John Ramondetta:

IBEW Local Union 26 absolutely DOES NOT CONDONE racism in any shape or form. We condemn racism and discrimination in any form, and its adherents. Our Local believes in, and acts in accordance, with the Constitution of the IBEW. IBEW Local 26 equally represents all members of the IBEW without regard to race, religion, creed, ethnicity, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or age.

John Ramondetta is a traveler from IBEW Local 6 who signed our Book 2, presented a letter of good standing from the Business Manager of Local 6, and a current dues receipt. He was referred to work in accordance with the Local’s lawful non-discriminatory referral procedures.

As mentioned in Local 6’s letter, the authority of IBEW to discipline or otherwise hold a member accountable, does not extend to the expression of personal views or opinions of that member outside the workplace. Any action taken by Local 26 to restrict the use of our referral, because of Mr. Ramondetta’s speech, would be a violation of the Local’s referral rules, and labor law. Please go here to see the communication from the Business Manager of IBEW Local 6 to Local 26.

Attention Southern MD Members: Please be on the lookout for Sumter Utility trucks.

The International Office has requested that we be on the lookout for vans, trucks (white trucks with orange lettering), laydown yards of a company called Sumter Utilities in the Southern MD Area. If any of our Brothers and Sisters see or know of Sumter’s locations within our jurisdiction please let the James Marx at the Southern MD office know. He can be reached at 410-535-3700 or jmarx@ibewlocal26.org. You can also submit the address through ratrAPP. This is a national organizing campaign!!! So let’s kept on the lookout. Thank you all and BE SAFE OUT THERE!