IBEW Local Union 26
Washington, D.C.

Residential Training Program

4-Year Track

This program is a 5-year training program with standards approved in the State of Maryland, Commonwealth of Virginia, and the District of Columbia. You may apply at any one of our offices listed under "contact us" at the top of the page. The program requires that each trainee receive 8,000 hours of on the job training with the supervision of a qualified journeyman electrician. All job placements are made by the Washington D.C. Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee and individuals work with contractors who are signatory to Local Union 26.

The Statement of Policy requires all trainees to take eight modules over the course of the the five years. Please see the schedule below for the wages and requirements of these modules. It is the responsibility of all trainees to go online, at www.jatc26.org, to sign up for their respective courses.

Individuals in this program will receive pay increases during the course of the program based on the amount of work hours, time spent at that pay level, and successful completion of modules, while in the program.

To see how those raises are set, please go HERE